Now is the time to extend runway with SWEAT equity.

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Get the talent you need to grow your startup faster
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Reduce burn and align incentives by paying vendors with equity
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Get access to elite legal,  marketing, engineering and more
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Lynx seed fund invests critical growth services from our 60+ venture service partners.

SWEAT Toolkit

Documents you need to structure your sweat deal.

Deal Management

Leverage Lynx’s deal management process to automate deal tracking and compliance.

Lynx Talent

Take your idea to the next level by applying to work with Lynx’s curated community of growth service providers.

Deal SPV Formation

Simplified deal structure and governance with an SPV tailored to the specifics of each deal.

The SWEAT Note makes deals fast

High legal costs and the lack of a standard and fair framework have prohibited sweat equity from being a viable fundraising option for most early-stage companies. Lynx’s Simple Work for Equity Agreement & Terms (or SWEAT Note) makes sweat equity deals easy, aligning interests for long-term success.

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Startups can work with the service providers that can best help grow the business
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Create true partnerships allowing providers to share in the value they help create
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Choose what percentage of the service provider contract is paid in cash vs equity
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Leverage the simplicity of the SWEAT with our best practice guidelines to quickly and confidently structure deals that make sense for your business
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How it Works

Use Lynx’s free tools to get started.

Check out the runway calculator and SWEAT Note template.

Paper your deal.

If you have a service provider you are ready to engage with a convertible SWEAT note, complete the form and our team will begin your deal.

Get matched with premium service providers.

Fundraise on the Lynx network by identifying additional service providers that will SWEAT for your use of proceeds.

Sit back as legal is managed.

If necessary, our team will create an SPV to house the deal on your cap table and manage the service provider’s invoices and vesting schedule.

Backed by industry leading venture service partners.

Pitch our partners.

Fill out our form to meet with our team and get the talent you need to scale.