Lynx Case Study


“Lynx allowed us to preserve runway in a tough macro environment, while getting onboarded with a top notch legal firm. Their SWEAT Note made it easy to understand and negotiate the deal. Win-win!”

Noel Moldvai

Success Summary

The Company: Augment is the operating system for the private markets. It is a marketplace and transactional tooling for investors, shareholders, and brokers of equity in private companies.

Problem: Financial Constraints

Need: Legal

Result: Lynx successfully helped Augment reduce their out-of-pocket legal expense by 70%.

About the Company

General Description: Augment is the operating system for the private markets.

Industry: Financial Services

Size: 1-10 Employees

Location: Austin, TX

Services Needed: Legal

The Problem

Due to financial constraints imposed by regulators, requiring augment to park one year of expenses in escrow, Augment needed capital to help sustain the business until they were approved as broker-dealers and able to charge commissions on the trades they facilitated. Venture funds turned down the opportunity to invest in Augment, asking Augment to come back to them once they had been approved by regulators.

Company Needs

Initially, Augment was looking to reduce burn. After reducing burn and realizing the potential Lynx unlocked, Augment looked at some of the initiatives they originally put on hold due to cash constraints

Why they chose Lynx

Lynx was able to offer elite talent all at a price point that meant Augment was able to reduce their burn

The Result

Augment was able to take their strong financial position and growth powered by the marketing efforts they were able to structure on a sweat note to raise additional capital from traditional investors